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The company was incorporated two decades before by Mr. S. Ravikumar. M.A. He has a vast knowledge about Granites….


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Our factories are equipped with modern machines and latest technology that ensures the production of quality products…


Our quarries provides us with excellent Black materials and enables smooth flow in the production process. We own and operate ……

“ Your ultimate destination for Quality monuments ”

Steps into the land of asthetic & eternal monuments
Stone is God’s Own Creation, Shining Stone with Craftsmanship is attributed to Nature & Mankind and that is Wellshine Granites innovative thought.

WELLSHINE GRANITES is one a22mong the leading players in the granite market for over two decades with international quality products. The company incorporated by Mr. S. Ravikumar, a dynamic and an ambitious man and a passionate industrialist with a vast knowledge about granites and its quality. The company's products stands on par with international quality.
WELLSHINE GRANITES is a global supplier of quality monuments and other granite products. The company established market in Europe, USA & UK by exporting quality monuments. The company has an installed capacity worth of delivering 15 containers per month. The product line of the company includes products from imported materials such as SOUTH AFRICAN GREY, BLUE PEARL,EMERALD PEARL etc...
The company offers the global market with 20 different colors presently and we have plans of coming out with virtues of color granites especially suitable for monuments. For updates stay connected with our website.

  • IMMA Stone Fair 2009


  • IMMA Stone Fair 2007


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  • IMMA Stone Fair 2002 - 2003


    The IMMA Association is founded under the name Indian Monument Manufacture Association and for the objects expressed in its Memorandum of Association and By-laws.

    The Association was formed on 15th November 2000.

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